Dr. Claus Esser

Qualified specialist in public law

Local law, water law, public building law, civil service law, law on subsidies

Dr. Claus Esser is a specialist lawyer in administrative law and chairman of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Verwaltungsrecht (Working Committee of Administrative Law) im Deutschen AnwaltVerein für Mitteldeutschland. Dr. Esser ist born in Cologne and has been practising as a lawyer in Erfurt since 1996. He has been appointed by the Thuringia Minister of Justice as an examiner for the state examination in law (2. Juristisches Staatsexam) and is a presiding judge at the Thüringer Anwaltsgerichtshof. As part of his distinctive teaching activities Dr. Esser holds lectures at municipal institutions for further education on subjects primarily related to administrative law. For 10 years Dr. Esser was co-editor of the public law journal LKV (local and state administration) from the publisher Nomos (C. H. Beck) , now he is co-editor of the Thüringer Verwaltungsblätter (Boorberg Verlag) and co-commentator of the Berliner Kommentare zum Bundesnaturschutzgesetz und Wasserhaushaltsgesetz from the publisher Erich Schmidt (ESV).