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Qualified specialist in labor/employment law


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Dr. Holger Ulbricht

Dr Holger Ulbricht comes from Saxony and studied at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and at the University of Central Lancashire (England). After first working for a well-known major bank and an accounting company in the area of commercial law, he joined our law firm in 2004. Dr Ulbricht received a PhD on a subject in the area of stock corporation and takeover law from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. He has been a specialist lawyer for labour law since 2007 and is also fluent in English. Dr Ulbricht advises and represents employers as well as employees and works councils on all aspects of individual and collective labour law. This ranges from the drafting of employment contracts and warnings to advice in the context of a transfer or a closure of business or in case of dismissals. He also conducts relevant proceedings before labour courts, regional labour courts and the Federal Labour Court. In collective labour law, Dr Ulbricht drafts and negotiates hearings, works agreements, social plans and reconciliations of interests and is active in conciliation board proceedings.