Your lawyer: Dr. Lydia Hünicke

Qualified specialist in medical law
EMSS (Leuven)


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Secretary: Juliane Kind
Phone:+49 361 56 55 00 44
Fax:+49 361 56 55 008
Dr. Lydia Hünicke

Dr. Lydia Hünicke is a native of Thuringia. After studying law in Jena and Tilburg (Netherlands), she worked at the University of Jena at the department of civil and social law. Besides her PhD – thesis she completed a postgraduate Masters - study in English at the University of Leuven (Belgium). For many years the main focus of Dr. Hünicke is on medical law. She represents doctors and health care workers in resolving conflicts arising from medical malpractices. She supports clients of a wide range of medical professions such as doctors, dentists, MVZ or hospitals in all legal issues viz-a-viz Medical or Dental Associations, Associations of SHI-accredited physicians or dentists, Licensing Authorities and Boards of Appeals or viz-a-viz health insurers as well as viz-a-viz patients. In the medical law context she offers her advice on matters of contract and corporate law, for example to establish or to hand over doctors` practice, to establish professional cooperations linked to the health sector or to support practice management. Regularly she gives lectures with focus on medical and health care law. Also for many years she is an external lecturer at Jena university.